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A basics line that strives for "less is more".


Elizabeth Suzann is a slow fashion, a direct-to-consumer clothing manufacturer based in Nashville, Tennessee. They believe in mindful, careful consumption and making clothes that last a long time. These garments also serve many needs so consumers can go with buying less.

**Update June 2020: Elizabeth Suzann has now wound down its operation and deleted instagram. They may restart production later in the year. Join their newsletter for the latest updates.


They cut and sew all of their garments locally in their Nashville design studio using only the highest quality, natural fibre cloth. On their website, they provide ample information on their entire team, as well as a dedicated blog that features team insights and interviews with prominent members of the community. They have not explicitly mentioned if they pay above living wage to their employees, nor have they mentioned if they have a code of conduct. 

Elizabeth Suzanne uses some eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and linen, and various silk crepes and wool. Their wool’s supply chain is fully traceable and 100% domestic, with animal welfare standards and production methods in line with their values. They have moved over from cotton canvas to 100% recycled cotton canvas, that is just as durable but much softer and more pliable and produced by New Denim Project in Guatemala with low impact dyes.

On their blog, they have shown how they send out their orders in brown cardboard boxes and custom painted paper packaging instead of using tissue or plastic. The team hopes the customer reuses the paper as note cards, wrapping paper or framed and displayed as art to extend its life. However, there is no information on their plastic consumption during shipping raw materials, and in their offices and factories.

Elizabeth Suzanne’s environmental impact is embedded in their philosophy. Believing in mindful consumption focuses them to make clothing that is long-lasting and timeless. The made-to-order model helps to reduce fabric waste. Even their use of eco-friendly materials limits the chemicals and water used in the production process. On the other hand, there is no data provided on their energy and water consumption or any recycling initiatives.

Practicality, elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the forefront of their philosophy. The brand chooses to create seasonless pieces that can be worn a myriad of ways. This way, Elizabeth Suzann aims to discourage the disposable view of clothing that has become increasingly pervasive. They also work on a made-to-order business model to minimize textile waste.

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