eleven44 sustainable statement jewellery

Ethical minimalistic basics and statement jewellery


eleven44 provides carefully produced items designed for practicality with a long life for the thoughtful and aware consumer. They aim to design clothing that fit perfectly, are comfortable and are made with integrity.

eleven44 sustainable women's fashion

eleven44 works with small family businesses in Bali who employ family members and community folk, and artisans who work from their homes. The team has checked the facilities and can ensure that they provide fair employment, do not discriminate, and also provide clean and safe working conditions.

eleven44 sources materials that fit their criteria of being sustainable and low impact. Thus, they only use GOTS-certified organic cotton, bamboo, linen, hemp and lenzing modal. The brand designs their clothes for longevity, intentionally creating them to be minimalist, comfortable, timeless, and gender neutral. Thus, they are careful to avoid trend-based fashion. They also design their jewelry to last forever, be easily repairable. The brand also uses metals which have been upcycled or recycled where possible.

eleven44 uses boxes made from recycled post-consumer waste paper and banana fiber for jewellery. They do not use any hang tags or additional poly bag packaging. However, the shipping company they use requires them to use the designated plastic bags when shipping clothing.

eleven44 strives to minimise their carbon emissions, and aims to go zero waste. By choosing to only use sustainable fabrics and supporting organic farming practices, the brand is able to minimise their footprint, and prioritise water and air cleanliness. They also recycle all textile waste by donating to a small family business, who create floor mats from the waste. 

eleven44 prioritises integrity, love and compassion in every step of creating their products. Thus, they seek to actively minimise their carbon footprint. They also believe in empowering communities, giving their teams the resources they need to develop, thrive, and head towards fulfilling ambitions.

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