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Jewellery by Eden and Elie, available on ZERRIN

Elegant fine jewellery empowering artisans in Singapore


EDEN + ELIE designs and creates fine jewellery crafted from ethically sourced seed beads and premium metals. Their team trains and partners with Singapore-based artisans to hand weave every single piece from scratch.



At the heart of EDEN + ELIE is a mission to celebrate and empower individuals with diverse abilities, by providing fair and sustainable work opportunities to communities in need. They currently partner with local organisations (Daughters of Tomorrow and Enabling Village) to train and employ adults with autism as skilled artisans to produce the meticulously handcrafted jewellery.


Crafting through the art of bead weaving, each EDEN + ELIE piece is sewn by hand with premium delicas from the oldest seed bead manufacturer in Japan. These are tiny pieces of precision-cut glass measuring less than 2mm each. They are also extremely high quality and consistently sized for hand weaving. Before adding to a collection, they test each bead colour rigorously and examine them for durability and colourfastness. The jewellery is lead and nickel-free, and uses modern materials such as 24k gold plating (chosen for its durability in humid weather), 14k gold-fill, 18k rose gold plating, sterling silver and semi-precious stones sourced from reputable suppliers.


They use plastic-free packaging, with gift boxes made from recyclable cardboard.


EDEN + ELIE makes jewellery from high-quality beads and chains sourced from reputable and ethical suppliers. This ensures they last longer, thus wasting fewer resources. They also do not mass-produce their jewellery, as they are individually handcrafted and slow-made by their artisans in their small core team in Singapore.


EDEN + ELIE builds their brand on three pillars – inclusivity, artistry and simplicity. At its forefront, the brand commits to empowering individuals with diverse abilities. They do so by providing fair and sustainable work opportunities to communities in need. EDEN + ELIE honours century-old traditions of making things by hand. Thus, they offer a unique aesthetic where no two pieces are exactly alike. Made with traditional bead weaving techniques, their jewellery is a testament to slower times when love was embedded in beautiful, intricately crafted heirloom pieces. The label’s vision of a simpler, yet more meaningful, life translates into products designed for ease and versatility.

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