Earth Heir

earth heir Malaysia ethical artisan made accessories

Consciously crafted Malaysian heritage accessories


Earth Heir began with an appreciation for craftspeople and artisans, who have spent years honing and perfecting their skills to create their finest art pieces. By blending design, fair trade principles, training and enterprise, Earth Heir aims to raise the value and revival of heritage craftsmanship.

Earth Heir Malaysia ethical artisan made accessories

Earth Heir seeks to reduce the exploitation of local craftspeople and help them benefit from the work of their hands. Thus, they work with a network of over 100 artisans from women’s cooperatives, indigenous tribes and refugee groups, across Malaysia. The brand is fair trade certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation, and aims to empower craftspeople to achieve sustainable livelihoods by providing income earning opportunities and skills training. Therefore, they provide every artisan with fair wages, and working conditions adhering to WFTO standards.


Earth Heir are strong advocates of preserving traditions and using natural fibres and biodegradable materials. They make their products are made using techniques and skills developed over many generations, using materials like locally sourced mengkuang (pandanus) leaves and rattan. They create their designs in small batches according to the life cycles of the sourced materials, and also make customised and made-to-order pieces and gifts.


The brand aims to use less packaging where possible, and their packaging is biodegradable, recyclable and reusable. They thus use paper, cardboard, textile packaging etc. as an alternative to plastic. 


The Earth Heir team are strong advocates of local manufacturing and make everything in Malaysia using local materials. Doing so shortens their production process, decreases their carbon footprint and extends every products life cycle and usability. Since 2013, they have devoted 5% of their revenue to reforestation and animal conservation globally. As of 2020, Earth Heir has also funded the planting of over 2,650 trees and donated 10% of their total profits to charities in need.


The vision at Earth Heir is “To build nations and generations as heirs of the earth”. That is, to live consciously with respect for people and the planet. They aim to share the values of mutual respect, fair partnerships, integrity and sustainable consumption with all of their stakeholders. Their mission is to celebrate craftsmanship by designing thoughtfully, engaging in ethical partnerships and advocating conscious consumption. Every piece from Earth Heir tells a story of the maker’s heritage and celebrates their skills.

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