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Thoughtfully designed ethical clothing for a mindful, low-impact wardrobe


Based in Cambodia, Dorsu is an ethical brand that believes in transparency and strives for a fairer fashion industry. They create capsule wardrobe essentials from soft, remnant cotton jersey fabric. Each piece is produced with purpose and intention at their workshop and studio in Kampot.

Behind the scenes at ethical brand Dorsu



Dorsu is proud to provide an alternative production working environment in Cambodia. The country is one of the largest producers of clothing globally, employing over 700,000 workers. Garment workers are often subject to poor and sometimes dangerous working conditions, with long work hours, low pay and unsafe transport. In contrast, Dorsu runs a safe and supportive garment production space and offers workers an alternative, respectful working environment. For instance, they receive proper training like HR, fire safety and child protection. Their staff also earn 30% higher than the standard living wage.


To create their capsule wardrobe staples, Dorsu sources remnant fabric (also known as deadstock or surplus) from independent suppliers in Phnom Penh. This surplus fabric is the result of incorrect or oversupply of cloth from large fashion runs. The Dorsu team scour the warehouses to purchase rolls of fabric per kilogram. After that, they burn test all fabric to ensure it has very little to no synthetic fibres.


Dorsu makes their reusable packaging with fabric scraps from production. Additionally, they pack their online orders in mesh laundry bags to prolong the life of each garment. Their care labels are made with Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Polyester (free from harmful substances). What’s more, deliveries come in compostable bags and their production studios operate a plastic free policy.


Dorsu prioritises environmental impact at every step of their supply chain. This includes using rescued surplus fabric in their designs to using fabric scraps for packaging. Their 100% recycled card swing tags use vegetable ink. Additionally, they run their production studio using majority tank water and use chemical free cleaning products.


In conclusion, Dorsu advocates transparency, making sure you know the story behind your clothes. They’re a part of the wider Kampot community, assessing their impact on people and the planet at every step.

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