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Your natural path to radiance.


Founded by Blan and Wendee Lee, a mother and daughter duo, they started Biconi after personally experiencing the healing power of natural ingredients in restoring health.



Biconi prefers to work with local suppliers and empower local communities. They don’t use harsh chemicals such as SLS, parabens, mineral oils and silicones to preserve product integrity. But also they want to avoid any toxic exposure for their workers. They only offer vegan-friendly products and never test on animals. Instead, they test on themselves and willing volunteers.


The label develops their products with a focus on South East Asian ingredients, including some ingredients from other parts of the world when relevant. Their two preferred ingredients are virgin coconut oil and their own Biconi Noni Enzyme. Their coconut oil is food-grade and grown and made by local partners in Malaysia, and is featured in each of their products. They also take fresh noni fruits grown organically in Malaysia to produce their Biconi Noni Enzyme by hand, which is known to have high antioxidant properties.


Biconi packs their products in recycled or recyclable materials.


For Biconi, their impact on the planet is very crucial to the business and work towards reducing their environmental footprint. They formulate their products in concentrated doses to minimise waste.


A small batch of soap bars infused with our homemade noni enzyme turned into a lifelong passion. This is when the founders saw first hand the effectiveness of a natural bar of soap. The founders of Biconi grew up cherishing the amazing biodiversity of South East Asia but did not find the same appreciation elsewhere. So, they wanted to bring the wonders of their heritage to the world in the most natural way. Additionally, they value protecting biodiversity in the area and prevent animals from testing.

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