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Unique, quality lifestyle pieces handcrafted by artisans


Barehands creates unique and quality lifestyle pieces with small-producing communities around the world. Artisans carefully handcraft each piece to make a statement—both for you, and for our artisans. Every piece at Barehands is a statement with a story to tell.

Our Barehands engages with artisans worldwide to make their fashion apparel and accessories

Barehands works with small-producing communities around the world who handcraft all of their products. The brand currently works with 10 artisanal communities across 8 countries, including India, Myanmar, Malaysia and more. The artisans range from generational leather shoemakers to beading artisans to tailors who have been in their profession for close to 30 years. Many of them work from the comfort of their homes. It is the brand’s commitment to partner with the artisans holistically in the long-term. The brand aims to walk alongside them to achieve their dreams, be it to provide for their families, or to start a production hub for fellow tailors in their communities. The label does so by connecting artisans to a network of resources and opportunities on a global scale, which includes capacity building, training, and sourcing of quality materials.


The Barehands team sources quality materials from around the world to create their products. The label takes into consideration the social and environmental impact as much as possible. The brand also prioritises reducing waste in their production. Hence, many of their products are made-to-order, with complimentary customisations. They also upcycle waste fabric into other products, such as accessories.


Barehands commits to omitting the use of single-use plastic in their packaging. Thus, they use reusable canvas dust bags and cardboard boxes. They actively promote ways to reuse their packaging on their social media channels. Customers can also request to consolidate their packaging of multiple orders into one upon check out. The brand is currently exploring more eco-friendly alternatives to packaging used in transporting materials throughout the entire supply chain, and not just in the last mile.


Environmental sustainability is crucial to Barehand’s business practices as they see it as codependent with the well-being of their artisans and the communities they live in. Therefore, where possible, the brand chooses to use materials that are either recycled, upcycled, plant-based and/or biodegradable. They have also opted for a made-to-order production model for their apparels with complimentary customisations to ensure that their pieces will not go to waste, both on the demand and supply side.


Barehands was born out of a belief that opportunities and resources should be shared, no matter our backgrounds. Thus, their mission is to invest in the lives of their artisans, seeing them as equal partners, and to connect their customers to the products they make. They wish to provide artisans a more sustainable livelihood, and a life of dignity for themselves, their families and their communities. The label aims to be as open and transparent as possible by sharing honest stories from their artisans and founders.

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