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August Society singapore sustainable ethical swimwear

Multi-use sustainable swimwear


August Society is a Singapore-based sustainable swimwear brand for the whole family. Straddling between swimwear and activewear, their styles allow for multi-use flexibility and are long-lasting to get more mileage out of their swimwear, and keep swimsuits out of the landfill for longer.



August Society’s works with a specialized swimwear factory near Guangzhou, China. The team has visited the factories, and gets regular updates by video. This way, they ensure that the facilities are large, clean, and well-maintained. The staff are provided with dormitories and required holidays, thus turnover rate is low.


August Society uses waste plastic as the raw material for their swimwear. This includes single-use plastic water bottles and ECONYL® regenerated nylon fibres derived from carpeting and fishing nets. They use digital printing for all custom prints, which reduces the amount of ink and dye used in the process. This also reduces the amount of fabric wasted overall. Designing with sustainability in mind, the brand makes multi-use designs that are reversible and optimal for mixing and matching. Their reversible pieces can be worn for both swimming and exercise, allowing for more looks and mileage out of the swimwear.


August Society uses very little packaging for e-commerce. While they need poly bags for shipping and transport, the rest of their packaging is plastic-free and reusable. This includes their tissue paper and boxes with no branding.They will also be switching to eco-friendly poly mailers.


August Society uses waste plastic for the raw material of their swimwear. The plastic derives from post-consumer plastic bottles and fishing nets left behind in the oceans by fishing boats, either intentionally or accidentally. They also collect other waste materials from recycling plants, landfills, manufacturing facilities. These are then purified and regenerated into nylon and polyester. The brand also designs with sustainability in mind. They do so by ensuring their designs are multi-use, can last for years, and they make their kids collection such that they are unisex and can be handed down when children outgrow them.


August Society champions environmental causes through transparency and education. They are forthcoming with details about production, through articles, events, and talks. Sustainability is a priority for the brand, thus all their designs are made to last and be worn multiple ways.

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