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Hand crafted bracelets by Singapore-based Kenyan jewellery label Ashepa

Chic contemporary designs inspired by Africa


Ashepa is a jewellery and lifestyle brand which creates contemporary pieces inspired by Africa. Believing in the power of design to share stories, each piece is thus handcrafted from brass and plated by artisans in Kenya.

An Ashepa artisan and founder, Chetna Bhatt



At Ashepa, their story and heritage are core components of the business. They thus work with skilled African artisans who create high-quality authentic products. Every handmade product is crafted with love while also celebrating and challenging ethical and sustainable lifestyles. They work with fair trade organisations and even women from the Maasai tribe. This therefore ensures better pay and good working conditions, and scope to support each artisan’s own communities.


Ashepa offers handmade creations from locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials, including recycled brass, reclaimed cow-horn and bone. They produce homewares, jewellery and accessories that have their own unique handmade feel.


Ashepa runs a plastic-free operation. Thus, the brand only uses recyclable paper packaging and dust bags.


Ashepa provides local Kenyan artisans work and support the local economy. They also prefer to use recycled brass over new brass, and ethically source all reclaimed animal fixtures. The brand also helps their artisans to support their communities, as well as help to build water tanks in rural areas.


Chetna Bhatt founded the brand Ashepa to connect her home country of Kenya to Asia through the medium of handcrafted products. The brand showcases not only great local skills, but also the diversity and beauty of the African culture.

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