ALT The Collection repurposed jewellery handmade in Cambodia

Statement, artisan-made jewellery crafted from bombshells

An artisanal jewellery brand, ALT repurposes bombshell casings to make their unique statement designs. Each piece serves as a declaration of peace and personal strength for both maker and wearer. They produce in Fair Trade workshops in Cambodia by artisans seeking a fair and dignified livelihood.

ALT The Collection repurposed jewellery handmade in Cambodia

ALT produces jewellery with pride in fair trade workshops in Cambodia, by artisans seeking a fair and dignified livelihood. Above all, they work with artisans who bravely shoulder the burden of history and carry their families towards greater wealth. 

The base metal of each piece is made from spent bombshell casing, remnants of the Vietnam War. ALT’s intention with their jewellery is to serve as declarations of peace and personal strength, for both maker and wearer. Made of quality brass or sterling silver, ALT’s artisans plate all their jewellery with precious metals 2.5 microns in thickness, which is about 2-4 times the usual thickness of similar jewellery designers. This means that their pieces do not tarnish easily. The brand also provides a one year guarantee and will re-plate, repair or replace your jewellery. ALT designs their jewellery to be adjustable in size so that they are as stackable and versatile as possible.

ALT does not use any plastic in its packaging. They ship all pieces in plain cardboard boxes and also encourages customers to repurpose them. Additionally, they provide a cleaning cloth to take care of the jewellery pieces. 

ALT is fiercely committed to reducing waste output by transforming unused material into statement jewellery. They only use repurposed materials. By upcycling spent bombshell casing, they are limiting their use of new materials, while reducing the amount of waste heading to landfills. For all pieces except their gunmetal variations, which employ a different plating technique, their jewellery does not include nickel.

The brand follows the ethos of unapologetic expression of strength and individuality. Especially since women who are financially and socially empowered through fair trade employment handcraft their accessories. The brand believes in quality over quantity, and their artisans spend an incredible amount of time on soldering, carving and shaping each piece by hand.

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