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Designs by Hong Kong ethical fashion label Aanya

An innovative clothing line for the modern-day nomads and wanderers.


Inspired by the founder’s Indian roots and travels, Aanya is an ethical fashion label that breathes fresh life into the Bohemian, reclaiming creative self-expression for this generation of women. From clothing to accessories, the brand strives to be as exciting and unique as its customers.

Aanya Life



For the brand, It’s extremely important to ensure their workers, seamstresses and craftsmen work in safe conditions and are given fair compensation. The founder of Aanya also spends time at the factories and with the local communities. They work with family-run manufacturers who give them flexibility in terms of lean orders and have a familial relationship. Above all, their focus is on the empowerment of their female workers. Therefore, through employment, skill training and fair practices, they bridge the gap between empowerment and consumerism.


They hand-craft their products from vintage fabrics, recycled or upcycled materials and deadstock materials wherever possible. They even make some of their bags and denim jackets from upcycled vintage and deadstock fabrics. All of Aanya’s collections are ethically sourced and sustainably created. 


Aanya Life packaging includes recyclable cardboard boxes with plain tissue stuffing. 


In order to be more environmentally friendly, they try to use recycled or upcycled materials by purchasing deadstock wherever possible. They repurpose these fabrics to give them a new lease of life instead of them becoming fabric waste. 


Aanya Life has adopted ethical and sustainable approaches from the get-go. So, this includes the way they conduct business and in their manufacturing partnerships. They also try to be as transparent as possible, as they believe it’s a consumer’s right to know where they invest their money. 

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