Sustainable Fashion News

Where is Singapore when it comes to sustainable fashion?

Here’s what we found out about sustainable fashion in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for ethical, local or funky second-hand shops, we’ve got it covered.

The documentary Blue will change your mind about waste

The documentary, Blue, opens your eyes to how humans affect the oceans. From our overfishing to plastic waste, our actions are in all interconnected.

Recap: ZERRIN’s Fashion Revolution Day Panel Talk

If you missed our Fashion Revolution Panel talk, here’s a quick recap. We spoke with fashion industry insiders about all things sustainable fashion!

Oxfam report reveals how female garment workers suffer in SEA

Oxfam’s new report Made in Poverty: The True Price of Fashion and their What She Makes campaign has shed light on the truth behind the clothing factories.

Editorial: Exploring Brixton Market

We take you around Brixton Market here in London, to buy and support local business. Explore conscious living within the market on a hot sunny day.

Fashion Revolution Day Singapore 2018

Here at ZERRIN, we’re always encouraging others to shop more consciously. So we’ve got a bunch of events lined up for Fashion Revolution Week 2018 for you.