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A growing list of sustainable fashion brands in Singapore

Looking for sustainable fashion in Singapore? From clothing to jewellery, we’ve curated the best in…

Greenwashing is a common tactic fast fashion brands such as H&M use to appear more sustainable than they are
Getting to grips with greenwashing in fashion

Greenwashing in fashion is a complete minefield, especially if you’re new to the sustainability space. Read on to discover more about the phenomenon and how to spot it.

Amanza Smith showcases pieces from her "Spirit of Place" jewellery collection with EDEN + ELIE.
Singapore jewellery brand EDEN + ELIE designs collection with Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith

The made-in-Singapore “Spirit of Place” jewellery line is inspired by the Netflix star’s love of both ocean and city views

Slaughtered for style: Film ‘SLAY’ exposes animal cruelty in fashion

The eye-opening documentary spotlights the disturbing treatment of animals in the fashion supply chain

Boohoo Kourtney Kardashian Collection Greenwashing
The controversy & complexity of celebrity-driven conscious collections

Greenwashing or generating sustainability awareness? Boohoo’s Kourtney Kardashian Barker’s collaboration does a bit of both. 

Woman thrift shopping at The Fashion Pulpit
Thrift stores in Singapore for your next secondhand steal

Love a great bargain and unique finds? Shop sustainably while snagging some great finds at…

Virtual dress by Republiqe fitted onto the image of a model posing
Digital Fashion Explained & 6 Virtual Clothing Brands to Know

Would you pay $9,500 for a virtual garment you can’t wear in real life? The…

Sera Murphy is a personal stylist and shopper with sustainable values
The stylists helping you create a more conscious closet

Next generation fashion & home organisers are putting sustainability at the forefront of their service

25 of the best sustainable fashion brands in London

Looking for sustainable fashion in London and the UK? Look no further; ZERRIN has brought…

Meet the dentist-turned-designer building a slow fashion brand in Bali

Nabilah Islam left her career in dentistry to design a better way to do fashion. Discover her journey—from finding the perfect fabric, to nightmares with manufacturers.