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ZERRIN’s sustainable fashion guides section makes understanding ethical fashion less complicated. From explainers on trends and terms to shopping recommendations, you can find what you need in our handy sustainable fashion guides section!

closet detox challenge marie kondo spark joy clothes

30 days, 30 outfits: What I learnt from ‘shopping’ my own wardrobe

Feel like your wardrobe is full but you have nothing to wear? ZERRIN staffer Durva challenged herself to change her relationship with her wardrobe, by wearing everything she hadn’t worn in months (and even years) for 30 days!

The problems with fast fashion — and what you can do about it

Here’s a fast-fashion 101 that gets into the nitty-gritty of the industry, and why we need a shift in everything from production to perspective. 

fashion facts that will shock you

Fact or Fiction: 50 fashion industry claims, explained

Is fashion the second most polluting industry or twenty-second? Do we purchase 80 billion garments a year or 150 billion garments? And where do these figures even come from? We keep hearing many claims about the fashion industry, but it becomes nearly impossible to know which facts to believe. So, we’re debunking some statements floating around about the industry, from fast fashion to luxury.

secondhand fashion online luxury preloved designer

Thrift, swap, rent: The best spots for secondhand fashion in Singapore

One of the key tenets of sustainable style is making the most of what you…

hemp fabric, is hemp sustainable

WTF: What The Fabric! Is hemp fashion’s ultimate green fibre?

Many people think hemp sounds like an unusual choice for clothing fabric – having developed suspicion over the years as a close relative to marijuana. But hemp fabric is one of the most sustainable fabrics out there. It was even used in Chernobyl to decontaminate the soils. Read on to find out why we consider hemp as one of the most versatile and zero waste fabrics out there!

Greenwashing is a common tactic fast fashion brands such as H&M use to appear more sustainable than they are

Greenwashing in fashion, explained

Discover what greenwashing in fashion really means – and how to avoid it.

a floaty red summer dress by Whispers & Anarchy, available to buy online at sustainable fashion retailer ZERRIN

8 breezy summer dresses by ethical designers

As the summer months get hotter, we’re reaching for breezy dresses in breathable materials that are cool, comfortable and chic. Here’s some of the best options made ethically.

WTF: What The Fabric! How sustainable is linen?

When it comes to shopping more mindfully, knowing what’s in your clothes is just as important as knowing who made them. We’re answering all the ‘why’s’, ‘what’s’ and ‘how’s’ of linen. Read more to find out.

how to shop fashion sustainably on any budget

Your ultimate guide to sustainable fashion – on any budget

If you’ve ever peered into your overflowing closet in frustration, you’ve likely questioned your shopping…

vintage fashion singapore a vintage tale

Where to score the best vintage fashion in Singapore

Want to quit fast-fashion? Shopping sustainably doesn’t just mean buying vegan or organic clothing. There…