Sustainable Fashion Guides

ZERRIN’s sustainable fashion guides section makes understanding ethical fashion less complicated. From explainers on trends and terms to shopping recommendations, you can find what you need in our handy sustainable fashion guides section!

Greenwashing is a common tactic fast fashion brands such as H&M use to appear more sustainable than they are
Getting to grips with greenwashing in fashion

Greenwashing in fashion is a complete minefield, especially if you’re new to the sustainability space. Read on to discover more about the phenomenon and how to spot it.

Sustainable fashion brands in Malaysia
10 emerging sustainable fashion brands from Malaysia

From KL to Sabah, discover Malaysia’s most exciting ethical designers

A growing guide to sustainable fashion brands in Hong Kong

Looking for sustainable fashion brands in Hong Kong? Browse our guide to eco-conscious, ethical labels that showcase both style & substance.

Woman thrift shopping at The Fashion Pulpit
Thrift stores in Singapore for your next secondhand steal

Love a great bargain and unique finds? Shop sustainably while snagging some great finds at…

Virtual dress by Republiqe fitted onto the image of a model posing
Digital Fashion Explained & 6 Virtual Clothing Brands to Know

Would you pay $9,500 for a virtual garment you can’t wear in real life? The…

25 of the best sustainable fashion brands in London

Looking for sustainable fashion in London and the UK? Look no further; ZERRIN has brought…

8 simple fashion resolutions for a more sustainable wardrobe

Some top tips for a healthier planet and a better-curated closet 

Woman wearing a red sweater thrift shopping
Where to buy and sell second hand fashion online

Discover this handy list of online marketplaces and apps with products ranging from vintage to luxury to kids fashion to help you begin your second hand fashion journey.

Wardrobe/closet organizing app
Rewear on repeat with these 5 digital wardrobe apps

Would getting dressed in the morning be easier if you had everything you own in the palm of your hand? These digital wardrobe apps help you declutter, digitise and do just that.

Capsule closet challenge outfits
A non-minimalist guide to building a capsule wardrobe

45 outfits from 13 pieces? We did it, and you can do it too! And yes, even if you’re not a minimalist with a monochrome wardrobe.