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ZERRIN’s sustainable fashion guides section makes understanding ethical fashion less complicated. From explainers on trends and terms to shopping recommendations, you can find what you need in our handy sustainable fashion guides section!

Fashion Revolution Week 2020

Breaking Down Fashion Revolution’s Transparency Index 2020

The fashion industry is notoriously known for being one of the most polluting industries on…

Washing synthetics release hundreds of thousands of microplastics into ocean every wash

Fashion’s Not So Micro Problem: Microplastics

Did you know that synthetic textiles are one of the biggest sources of microplastics in our oceans? Read about fashion’s hidden impact on our oceans.

WTF: What The Fabric! Is polyester fashion’s dirtiest fabric?

If you’ve bought clothes within the last decade, the odds are a good half of them are made from polyester. Making up 55% of the global fibre market, polyester is dominating the fast fashion industry. So why don’t we know enough about this (in)famous fabric?

How to do a wardrobe detox in 2020 — and beyond

Ahh, clothes. Threads. Garms. Apparel. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, what we wear is…

We have to be more conscious of our consumption and shop mindfully this festive season

Bargain Boycott: Mindful Consumption This Festive Season

It’s hard to be conscious when we shop for our loved ones with all the sales going on. Practice mindful consumption begins with boycotting bargains.

5 documentaries that will inspire you to change the world

From climate change to politics and the impact of fashion, here are five must-watch documentaries that will inspire you to change the world.

8 Top Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Podcasts

Here are some of our favourite podcasts which will help keep you up to date with the latest news, interviews and ideas circulating in the fashion industry.

10 eco-friendly textiles and fibres to know now

Do you know of the environmental impacts of fabric? Here are 10 sustainable fibres/fabrics to know now, their benefits and their potential drawbacks.

Top 15 Sustainable & Ethical Fashion Books to Read in 2020

Here are 15 books on ethical and sustainable fashion that allow you to learn about all of the industry’s secrets. Happy reading!

The documentary Blue will change your mind about waste

The documentary, Blue, opens your eyes to how humans affect the oceans. From our overfishing to plastic waste, our actions are in all interconnected.