Sustainable Fashion Guides

ZERRIN’s sustainable fashion guides section makes understanding ethical fashion less complicated. From explainers on trends and terms to shopping recommendations, you can find what you need in our handy sustainable fashion guides section!

sotela women's sustainable ethical size inclusive fashion

Sustainable & Size-Inclusive: 16 Brands To Know

In recent years, our global fashion industry has made notable progress when it comes to…

Affordable ethical fashion brands to have on your radar

There are many misconceptions when it comes to ethical fashion. The most common ones are…

extend life of clothes

Your ultimate guide to extending the life of your clothes

The impact of fast fashion is drastic. Nowadays, clothes aren’t made to last to encourage…

H&M recycling initiative greenwashing where to recycle and donate old clothes in singapore

Where to donate your old clothes in Singapore (instead of recycling them at H&M!)

Want to give your old clothes a new life but you’re not sure what happens when you recycle them at H&M? Try donating or recycling them at these thrift shops, collection centres and more in Singapore!

what to do with old clothes in 2021

6 things to do with your old clothes in 2021

Have a lot of clothes you don’t wear but don’t want to throw them away? Try these 6 ways you can give your clothes a second life.

sustainable Malaysian activewear brand terrae

The 2021 ultimate guide to sustainable activewear

Do your new year’s resolutions always include working out more? Perhaps you’re looking to update…

10 sustainable loungewear brands combining comfort & style

With personal health at the top of everyone’s agendas, many of us are either staying…

why is sustainable fashion expensive explained zerrin

Why is sustainable fashion more expensive? Explained.

Many of us want to support brands and products that prioritise ethics and sustainability, but hesitate when seeing their (usually) higher price tag. Here, we’re exploring why sustainable fashion costs more, and why we need to stop making comparisons to fast-fashion prices.

shop outfyt recycled polyester activewear sustainable fashion brand

Can recycled synthetic fabrics solve fashion’s waste problem?

Fashion has a massive waste problem, with hundreds of thousands of tonnes of clothing ending up in landfills or incinerated. The impact of textile waste is too great to ignore but is recycling the solution and the path to a more circular future?

Sustainable gowns, formal dresses and evening wear from Singapore and beyond

Dress up! Discover 10 ethical brands for formal occasions

Looking for sustainable party dresses or evening frocks? Here’s our favourite formal fashion brands prioritisng ethics and aesthetics.