Oxfam report reveals how female garment workers suffer in SEA

Oxfam’s new report Made in Poverty: The True Price of Fashion and their What She Makes campaign has shed light on the truth behind the clothing factories.

Nazneen Aziz-Samson talks about her ethical jewellery label Pyar
Behind the Brand: Nazneen Aziz Samson of Pyar

Nazneen Aziz-Samson, the founder of ethical jewellery label Pyar, talks about her inspiration on creating the brand. Read on to find out more!

Styling it up with Sophie and Lizzy from The Eco Expats

Meet two strong ladies on a mission to green up their lifestyles – Sophie and Lizzy, from The Eco Expats. Read on to see what they say about ZERRIN!

Editorial: Exploring Brixton Market

We take you around Brixton Market here in London, to buy and support local business. Explore conscious living within the market on a hot sunny day.

An artisan working on ethical fashion label Baliza
Why sustainability and ethics matters in the fashion industry

We’re incredibly disconnected from the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of our clothing. So here’s more you can find out about why knowing the story of your clothes matters.

Why Our Relationships With Our Manufacturers Matter
Why Our Relationships With Our Manufacturers Matter

The cheap clothing we see today are treated with little or no value. We need to question brands about their relationship with their manufacturers.

Behind the Brand: Lorraine Lee of Talee

Meet Lorraine Lee, the founder of Talee. Inspired by emotional hardships, the jewellery brand has given her a way to self-heal and rebuild.

Behind the Brand: Cassandra Postema of Emi & Eve

Meet Cassandra Postema, the founder of Emi & Eve jewellery. They provide work for local artisans on Cambodia and supports landmine clearing.

Here's why you should go for organic cotton clothing.
Here’s why you should choose organic cotton clothing

These days it’s become on-trend to cook and eat organic, but wearing organic? Here’s why you should go for organic cotton clothing.

Fashion Revolution Day Singapore 2018

Here at ZERRIN, we’re always encouraging others to shop more consciously. So we’ve got a bunch of events lined up for Fashion Revolution Week 2018 for you.