Jeff Bezos donates for climate crisis
The Round Up: Bezos’ Billions for Climate Change & More

The Round-Up is ZERRIN’s weekly news digest on the world of sustainability, fashion and beauty,…

Future fabrics expo featuring sustainable materials
This is the future of sustainable materials in fashion

Future Fabrics Expo is the world’s largest sustainable fabrics showcase of sustainable materials made from recycled plastics, food and agriculture wastes.

Washing synthetics release hundreds of thousands of microplastics into ocean every wash
Fashion’s Not So Micro Problem: Microplastics

Did you know that synthetic textiles are one of the biggest sources of microplastics in our oceans? Read about fashion’s hidden impact on our oceans.

sustainable fashion on red carpet, weekly fashion news
The Round Up: Factory Fire, Coronavirus & Fashion News

The Round Up is ZERRIN’s weekly sustainable fashion and beauty news segment. In this edition, read about a fire in a denim factory, sustainability on the red carpet and why we’re wearing plastic!

What the Fabric! Everything you need to know about polyester

If you’ve bought clothes within the last decade, the odds are a good half of them are made from polyester. Making up 55% of the global fibre market, polyester is dominating the fast fashion industry. So why don’t we know enough about this (in)famous fabric?

The Round Up: BAFTAs, Fashion Weeks & More Green News

The Round Up is ZERRIN’s weekly sustainable fashion and beauty news segment. This week, learn about how fashion week and red carpets go green, H&M’s greenwashing problem, Vogue’s sustainably produced cover and a new beauty brand to look out for!

Learn how you can detox your wardrobe
How to do a wardrobe detox

Ahh, clothes. Threads. Garms. Apparel. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast or not, what we wear is…

Laura Francois: On fashion’s impact & designing for change

Thanks to the growing global wave of awareness in 2019 about the garment industry’s impact…

What’s next for the sustainable fashion movement in 2020?

2019 has been a big, big year. We’ve seen political instability (hello impeachment and Brexit),…

We have to be more conscious of our consumption and shop mindfully this festive season
Do you really need it? How to shop mindfully this festive season

It’s hard to be conscious when we shop for our loved ones with all the sales going on. Practice mindful consumption begins with boycotting bargains.