5 things that went down at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit

The Copenhagen Fashion Summit is an annual business event dedicated entirely to discussing the future…

Where is Singapore when it comes to sustainable fashion?

Here’s what we found out about sustainable fashion in Singapore. Whether you’re looking for ethical, local or funky second-hand shops, we’ve got it covered.

The documentary Blue will change your mind about waste

The documentary, Blue, opens your eyes to how humans affect the oceans. From our overfishing to plastic waste, our actions are in all interconnected.

25 Sustainable Fashion Terms You Should Know

Are ‘vegan’ and ‘sustainable’ fashion the same thing? How does biodegradable clothing work? We’re deciphering the most common 25 terms of sustainability.

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Susannah Jaffer, founder of ZERRIN, talks about her journey quitting fast-fashion
My Journey To Quitting Fast Fashion

Giving up fast fashion isn’t easy, but it’s definitely possible. Here’s what ZERRIN founder, Susannah Jaffer learnt throughout the process.

Calling for ZERRIN contributors
ZERRIN contributor call out: Creative individuals wanted!

If you’re a creative individual with a flair for writing about sustainable fashion, or an industry expert with great insights to share – we want you!

Oxfam report reveals how female garment workers suffer in SEA

Oxfam’s new report Made in Poverty: The True Price of Fashion and their What She Makes campaign has shed light on the truth behind the clothing factories.

Nazneen Aziz-Samson talks about her ethical jewellery label Pyar
Behind the Brand: Nazneen Aziz Samson of Pyar

Nazneen Aziz-Samson, the founder of ethical jewellery label Pyar, talks about her inspiration on creating the brand. Read on to find out more!

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