Ethical fashion advocate Naomi Bailey-Cooper wearing a Maisha Concept dress, available on ZERRIN

Naomi Bailey-Cooper: Championing fashion that does no harm

Cool fashionable brogue shoes made from plant-based vegan leather Mylea by Mycotech

This mushroom leather alternative will shape the future of fashion

Model wearing makeup by vegan, cruelty-free make up brand Solos Cosmetics

Affordable, Clean Cosmetics for all: Meet Solos

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Naomi Bailey-Cooper: Championing fashion that does no harm

Every year, millions of animals are killed for the fashion industry, and more and more sustainable fashion entrepreneurs are trying to find solutions. Meet Naomi Bailey-Cooper, a textiles designer on a mission to create cruelty-free material alternatives for the fashion industry.

This mushroom leather alternative will shape the future of fashion

Looking for sustainable, vegan alternatives to leather that aren't synthetic and made from plastic? Discover the story behind Mycotech, a cool startup and registered B-Corp creating plant-based leather for the fashion industry made from mushroom waste!

Affordable, Clean Cosmetics for all: Meet Solos

Girrrrl, we like our make up like we like our relationships: non-toxic. That's why we're into Solos Cosmetics, an affordable indie makeup brand from Singapore creating products for cheeks, lips and eyes that are all vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable! Winning.

Laura Francois: On fashion's impact & designing for change

Thanks to the growing global wave of awareness in 2019 about the garment industry's impact on our planet, it’s now no secret that fashion's future has to be a sustainable one. We chat to entrepreneur Laura Francois to discuss where solutions might lie.

Behind the brand: Audris Quek, Paradigm Shift

We chatted with the Singaporean fashion designer all about making the leap into the fashion industry, how she crowdfunded her brand and her work with Nepal-based ethical cut-and-sew Purnaa.

Behind the brand: Rakhee Shah, Maisha Concept

We sat down with the founder of Maisha Concept at our recent Singapore pop-up, The Lounge by ZERRIN, to talk about her colourful childhood, the beauty of artisan craftsmanship and balancing tradition and modernity in design.

Behind the brand: Chetna Bhatt, Ashepa

Discover the story behind Ashepa, an African-inspired jewellery and lifestyle label by designer Chetna Bhatt which showcases and celebrates the great handicraft skills, diversity and beauty of the African culture.

Behind the brand: Ishana Rai Sethia, Label Ishana

Creating a label that tells stories through fabric of generations of weavers, we met up with designer Ishana Rai Sethia in our concept store, The Lounge, to chat about entrepreneurial life, the influence of strong women in her life and what running an ethical business means to her. 

Behind the Brand: Alche{me} Skincare

After careers in the beauty industry, Constance Mandefield and Tuyen Lamy set out to do skincare better. Their brand alche{me} harnesses developments in technology to offer high-performance and personalised solutions to help women meet their complexion goals. We sat down for a chat with them in their state of the art lab to find out their story.

Behind the Label: Lara Rapanan, Munimuni Studios

Munimuni creates handcrafted shoes and accessories empowering local artisan communities. Read our interview with founder, Lara Rapanan, to find out more about the source of her inspiration to create socially and environmentally conscious shoes. 

Op-Ed | Things I've Learnt From Quitting Fast Fashion

Our founder, Susannah, talks about why she founded ZERRIN and left her toxic relationship with fashion behind - for good.

Soulful by Design: Nazneen Aziz Samson, PYAR

Empowered by a curiosity for design and her travels to create a jewellery label inspired by our human experience of love, Nazneen Aziz-Samson is the founder of Pyar, an ethical jewellery label produced on the magical island of Bali. We chatted to the designer to find out more about her story. 

Shared Journeys | Meet Charlotte Mei

In the latest edition of our Shared Journeys series, we catch up with Charlotte Mei, a modern multi-hyphenate who works as a nutritionist by day, radio host for by night and is a big advocate for living green!

Essentialist Skincare: Meet Mehdi and Fern, ANIA

Ever wondered what goes into your skincare? And what does it take to start an ethical beauty business? We find out from Mehdi and Fern, co-founders of ANIA, a local beauty brand we love with clean ingredients inspired by Africa.

Shared Journeys | Meet Vix Harris

Unapologetically bold and bright, artist Vicky Harris' work champions diversity, inclusivity and equality through her portraits of inspirational women throughout history. We sat down with her for the latest instalment of our #sharedjourneys series.

Sustainable Resort Wear: Gema Santander, Baliza

Inspired to create a label that gives back, Gema Santander is the founder of fair trade resort wear brand Baliza. We find out more about her dedication to responsible production, and about the highs and lows of being an ethical fashion entrepreneur.

Purpose & profit: 3 entrepreneurs on running sustainable businesses

As a sustainable business, how do you combine a desire to make a positive impact with a need to make money? Editorial contributor Veena speaks to three Asia-based brands to find out their insights on combining purpose and profit.

Behind the label: Hanna Guy, Dorsu

What started as a means to raise money for a language school became Dorsu - an ethical fashion label selling mindful, considered basics with a store and workshop base in Cambodia. We spoke to co-founder Hanna Guy (pictured left with co-founder Kunthear, right) about her journey and her thoughts on sustainability in the industry today.

Crafting Stories: Ka-Lai Chan, Manava

Inspired by her design background and the weaving talent of Cambodian artisans, Ka-Lai launched MANAVA in 2016, a conscious accessory and homeware label. Her mission is to share artisanal craft with the world, while improving the lives and income of a community in Krobey Village, Cambodia. Discover their story here. 

Entrepreneurship in Singapore: Tips from local business owners

To celebrate Singapore's National Day and 53rd birthday of independence, we're spotlighting entrepreneurial tips and advice from designers, makers and inspiring change makers!