Five easy ways you can reduce plastic waste

It's no secret that our plastic addiction is a huge problem. We currently produce a whopping 300 million tons of it worldwide, and it takes hundreds of years to degrade. Globally, our cities and oceans are polluted with the stuff, which kills wildlife and affects whole eco-systems as a result. 

Despite the shocking facts and figures, single use plastic remains a huge part of our daily lives - from shopping bags to straws to containers and more. In cities like Singapore in particular, where so many of us use plastic bags to dispose of our trash and hawker centre takeaway containers are a regular sight, how easy is it to make a change? 

Well, we don't know about you, but we've had enough of living that disposable lifestyle! There are simple, easy ways we can all make a difference as individuals. Here's five easy replacements you can make in your everyday routine to drastically reduce your plastic waste and make a positive impact! 

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1. Use a bamboo or metal straw.
Did you know here in Singapore we use 2.2 million plastic straws daily!? That's a mind blowing figure. If you really need to use a straw for your kopi or smoothies, do your part and keep a reusable alternative in your handbag, like bamboo or metal. Today you can find plenty of eco-conscious stores selling reusable straws, from our friends at The Social Space (we love their rose gold version!) to online stores like Bamboo Straw Girl, which ships worldwide. 

Buy some reusable cutlery to reduce your daily plastic usage - ZERRINImage: @troveofgaia

2. Carry reusable cutlery
Eating out is a huge past time in Singapore, but that means we're at risk of using disposable plastic cutlery on a daily. Getting your own which fit neatly in your handbag is a great step towards being more environmentally friendly at your next meal. From stainless steel to this cute set made from biodegradable and compostable straw wheat from Trove of Gaia, there's plenty of zero waste options out there that are functional, inexpensive and cute.

Be prepared to refuse plastic bag with a shopper tote that can easily fold into your handbag - ZERRINImage: @troveofgaia

3. Pack a spare shopper bag 
We all need to do last minute supermarket runs, but that doesn't mean you have to resort to accepting plastic bags (especially as Singapore isn't placing a ban on them anytime soon - *cue eye roll*) Keep a foldable tote or canvas shopper in your handbag. They're lightweight and take up minimal space, plus it means you'll always be prepared for those unexpected situations which require you needing something extra to carry! 

Shop at wet markets instead of supermarkets to avoid extra plastic packaging - ZERRIN

4. Buy groceries from wet markets instead of supermarkets 
We don't know about you, but our trips to the supermarket have become increasingly painful as we've become more conscious of cutting plastic waste. Until they sort their agendas out, why not visit your local wet market instead? Not only will you find plenty of fresh and seasonal produce sans plastic wrapping, you'll be supporting local farmers and small businesses in your area too. Win win! 

Bring a reusable cup for your water or coffee! - ZERRINImage: @carrotsticksandcravings

5. Bring a reusable cup
Last but not least, ditch plastic bottles in favour for a reusable cup! There's no excuse for not bringing your own. Most cafes will be happy to fill up your own cup, even for things like tea and coffee. Ever fans off insta-worthy homeware, we love these smart cups from Australian cafe Carrotsticks and Cravings

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