5 documentaries that will inspire you to change the world

Many of us are just going about our daily lives without knowing what’s really going on in the world around us or broadening our minds to new ideas. That’s where documentaries come in. They’re a great way of learning about new things, people and ideas. 

Now, while I have watched some more light-hearted documentaries like Dries, Iris and Manolo, the ones that really make an impact on me are those that tug at my heartstrings the most. They’ve transformed the way I think and go about my daily life. From climate change to politics and the impact of fashion, here are five must-watch documentaries that will inspire you to change the world.  

The True Cost

An exposé on the realities of the fast fashion industry, this documentary uncovers harrowing accounts of the labor conditions at Rana Plaza before it collapsed in 2013. Garment workers knew that the sweatshops they were working in were far from safe and frequently issued complaints. However, their voices were never heard by the fast-fashion labels that were outsourcing their production to these factories. This documentary sheds light on the deeply embedded and complex structure of the fashion supply chain that perpetuates the exploitation of garment workers in developing countries. 

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Minimalism: A Documentary About Important Things

Alongside The True Cost, this documentary inspired me to fundamentally rethink my consumer behaviour. Immediately after watching this documentary, I stopped buying things on Amazon and ASOS as a form of retail therapy. What was most striking about this documentary was a montage of a Black Friday sale where people were grabbing products from each other in a frenzy. It helped me realise how we consumers are conditioned into believing that we need to buy more when in reality, we can make do with less. 

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Life Overtakes Me

Winner of the Audience Award of the Chicago Film Festival, this documentary is not an easy watch. Life Overtakes Me introduces viewers to Resignation Syndrome, a mysterious condition plaguing refugee children in Sweden in which they enter into a coma and become unresponsive, to escape from the trauma of reality. It was extremely heartbreaking to watch the parents take care of their children and recall the events that led to their escape from their home countries. Resignation Syndrome cures once children are given a stable and safe life, although for many this is not granted to them. This documentary will surely inspire you to join the discussion involving refugees and undocumented migrants. 

Knock Down The House

Famous for its coverage of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Knock Down The House follows four female Democrats running for congress. While AOC wins and earns her seat in congress, the other three women do not. This documentary will motivate you to stand up for what you believe in, even when the odds are against your favour. A must-watch for when you need that boost of determination to get you started on a goal you’ve always wanted to achieve. 

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I first found out about this documentary after Ariana Grande talked about it as being the influence behind her decision to become vegan. This film is a gripping tale of how SeaWorld’s captive orcas are put under excessive emotional stress that causes them to behave violently towards their trainers and will surely make you rethink your values on entertainment that comes with a hefty price. This documentary and the subsequent backlash from the general public, resulted in SeaWorld ending their orca show in California.  

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