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10 inspirational women you’ll want to follow on Instagram

10 inspirational women you’ll want to follow on Instagram

Here are 10 inspirational women to follow on Instagram

Oh, Instagram. We love and hate it, right? More so, it’s just too easy to get lost in mindless scrolling when we’re supposed to be ticking off our to-do list. What’s more, viewing square after square of people’s ‘highlight reels’ when you’re feeling less than your best can make you feel inadequate and low. Yep, it happens to all of us.

That’s why, for 2019 we’ve given our following list a clean-up so that our feed leaves us feeling uplifted, energised and even more importantly, learning something new. In the spirit of sharing, here are 10 interesting, intelligent and hard-working women from various fields that we’re sure you’ll find inspirational, for all your year’s goals.

Simone Heng

Follow if: you’re a career woman changing direction or for a daily dose of positivity.
A ball of good energy that grounds us with her honest and motivational instagram captions, Simone Heng is an MC, radio host and producer for Class 95FM in Singapore. Recently, she’s taken us on her journey to becoming a keynote speaker, one which has led her to sharing many touching and transformative life anecdotes. So watch her recent speech at Google’s Singapore HQ which we know will inspire you to step up in your own life.

Ming Bridges

Follow if: you’ve ever had or are recovering from an eating disorder.
Ming Bridges is a lady wearing many hats. A singer, songwriter and now founder of Rentadella, a Singapore-based company that enables you to rent dresses (instead of buying them) at a fraction of the retail price. She’s always real about body image and has shared her experience of living with an eating disorder at a recent TEDx talk Fat, Hungry and Desperate.

Charlotte Mei

Follow if: you’re a foodie and interested in eco-conscious living.
Bubbly, bright, stylish and she can cook! Charlotte Mei is our latest #girlcrush. This certified nutritionist is big on getting people living and eating well. Her feed and stories are full of inspiration and her musings living and eating more consciously. Her new content channel TheCharlotteMei is full of yummy cooking demos, food tours of various cities and more content to get our mouths watering – all delivered in a down to earth, relatable way.

Naomi Mdudu

Follow if: You’re a female founder seeking clarity and alignment in life and career
A platform which teaches female founders how to launch and scale aligned creative businesses, The Lifestyle Edit is founded by ex-fashion editor Naomi Mdudu, who runs her business between New York and London. Their free podcast is full of awesome, actionable tips, insightful interviews and advice on hot topics like building your brand on social media to how to raise your service rates. The quotes from their feed and insightful captions always give us a magical dose of motivation when we need it most!

Clare Press

Follow for: An insightful, intelligent yet relatable take on sustainable fashion
Humorous, witty and down-to-earth, Clare Press is the founder and presenter of one of our favourite podcasts Wardrobe Crisis. She’s also an author, with her most recent books (which you should definitely read) Wardrobe Crisis: How we went from Sunday Best to Fast Fashion and Rise & Resist, How to change the world discussing topics like sustainability in fashion, social impact and eco-activism. She’s one of the most sought after opinions in the industry; we’d love to have her here in Singapore for a talk one day! Oh, and she’s also Australian VOGUE’s Sustainability Editor-at-Large, no biggie.

Anita Kapoor

Follow for: empowering anecdotes about being female, spirituality and self-awareness
We love connecting with individuals who aren’t afraid to speak their minds on issues that matter, especially in Singapore. So that’s what Anita Kapoor serves up post after post. A television presenter, host, emcee and performer based in Singapore. We’re always so enlightened and educated by her feed and IGTV. She touches on topics from self-love and relationships, even to current affairs, food and heritage.

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Tiffany Soi

Follow for: Fitness inspiration and a dose of girl power
A former elite British gymnast and a competitive rock climber, Tiffany Soi is the definition of ‘strong is sexy’. She’s also the founder of a technique called ClimbFlow, a yoga and functional fitness workout designed especially with climbers in mind. Inspiring her community to see the positive side of life, she takes you on a journey through her training, highs, lows, tips and advice on living a healthier, balanced life. Most importantly, she’s a big advocate for self-care, mental health and promoting a strong, healthy body image for women.

Jennifer Nini

Follow for: intelligent, well-researched and modern insights into green living.
Jennifer Nini is the founder of Eco Warrior Princess, a fast-growing media platform based in Australia dedicated to sustainable living, consumption and ethical business. Additionally, we love Jen’s approach to content. Even more, because her team isn’t afraid to tell it how it is on topics that matter like environmental conservation, feminism, conscious business and social justice. More so, she’s also vegan and a certified organic farm owner. We also love getting behind the scenes snippets of her life off-the-grid in Queensland.

Aly Rauff

Follow for: an honest take on body confidence, fitness and great vegan eats
A Singapore-based yogi and fitness instructor, Aly is passionate about sharing her reality through her Instagram feed. As a result, her feed is full of personal anecdotes on topics like body positivity, dealing with emotions, our relationship with food and self-love. Her goal is to talk about what happens in her life honestly and candidly. More so, her posts always leave us feeling uplifted.

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